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Author Topic: ADG End-of-Quarter News for Q1 2018  (Read 25 times)


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ADG End-of-Quarter News for Q1 2018
« on: March 30, 2018, 08:47:00 pm »
Hello everyone, this is MCAdventureCity, and welcome to the end-of-quarter status Update for ADG! Letís get to the news!

Current State

Due to factors unknown to me, CJWilk and the only other ADG developer suspiciously ceased all development activity near the end of November and since then have not messaged me in Discord at all. This of course means that I am once again a one-man team, working to make quality packs all by myself. This means, unfortunately, that I have to cut work on GroundCity: Best of 1.7.10 (also known as GroundCity: Golden Age) completely. In addition, 1.7.10 as a version is basically dead, especially now that Thaumcraft 6 is publicly available. Due to this, any new projects I create will be on 1.12.2. However, I will still maintain my three older packs (Great Adventure, Volatile 3, and Gamer City) as part of my continuous development workflow. Anyways, moving on to updates to our existing packsÖ

Pack Updates

Letís begin with the smallest of these planned updates. Great Adventure version 1.1.0 will add more Achievements for Advent of Ascension Bosses, and possibly Blood Magic and Thaumcraft 4 (If I can find someone willing to write them, as I am not as familiar with those mods).

Moving to 1.11.2, ADG Volatile 3 will receive a bump to version 2.0.0, cleaning up the pack, and adding the long-awaited questing I promised when I released it.

Finally, ADG Omega XII was last updated in November, and so will be bumped to version 3.0.0 with another all new modlist. However, this update will not be released until June because I am planning to build it entirely off of community feedback. Thatís right, you can nominate your favorite mods to be included. I also am planning to rigorously test and promote this update via YouTubers and Streamers. In addition, I will also add a quest book.

New Packs

I currently have two new packs in the works: ADG Omicron and ADG Ultimatum.

ADG Omicron is a lighter version of ADG Omega that will release at the same time as Omega 3.0.0, in June. It will use the top voted mods from Omegaís community votes and will be well under 100 mods.

ADG Ultimatum is an Expert Modpack that is still in the early planning stages but will definitely have some unique twists and lesser-known mods. It will likely release in the second half of 2018.

Closing Words

Thanks for reading. I am hoping to have monthly, or maybe even twice monthly news posts from now on. See you next time!
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